File #: 22-493    Version: 1
Type: Informational Report Status: Passed
In control: City Council
On agenda: 10/24/2022 Final action: 10/24/2022
Title: Airport Terminal Design Cost Estimates Ward(s): 2 Councilor(s): Nishioka Neighborhood(s): SEMCA Result Area(s): Safe, Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure; Strong and Diverse Economy
Attachments: 1. Public Comments received by 3:00 p.m., 10-24-2022, 2. Public Comments received by 5:00 p.m., 10-24-2022
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TO:                      Mayor and City Council   

THROUGH:                      Keith Stahley, City Manager   

FROM:                      Kristin Retherford, Urban Development Director  





Airport Terminal Design Cost Estimates 


Ward(s): 2 

Councilor(s): Nishioka 

Neighborhood(s):  SEMCA 

Result Area(s): Safe, Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure; Strong and Diverse Economy






In response to Council direction to provide cost estimates to complete design work for the airport terminal infrastructure project, two potential options are presented that reflect minimal improvements to meet TSA and building and safety code requirements. The first addresses renovation while the other addresses renovation and expansion.





Information only.  






Information only. 






To accommodate proposed commercial air service with larger aircraft, some terminal improvements are required. These improvements will need to accommodate installation of TSA baggage security screening equipment and conveyance systems, passenger security screening equipment, enhanced security access controls, and to meet building occupancy, ADA, and other building and safety code requirements.


Option 1:                     This option addresses only renovations and upgrades in the existing building footprint. It does not contemplate any expansion of space outside the building footprint. This option will be faster and cheaper to implement than Option 2 but does not address building occupancy limits. Exceeding building occupancy limits would require management and mitigation, and could require that staff monitor building occupancy and only allow passengers into the terminal to proceed through check-in and security as terminal space becomes available. In addition to outbound passengers, building occupancy must also account for inbound passengers, airport staff, airline staff, car rental staff and others already operating in the terminal and may require those dropping off or greeting passengers wait outside the terminal along with departing passengers until those who have deplaned have retrieved their baggage and exited the building. Managing admission to the building may be needed to control the number of people in the holding room as well as the baggage claim and security line areas, as too many people will create space conflicts and exceed occupancy limits for these areas. This option may result in extended wait times between flights to allow passenger processing within a constrained physical environment.



Design Cost for Option 1:                      $110,000

Design & Permitting Cost for Option 1:                     $129,500


Option 2:                     This option addresses renovations and upgrades in the existing building footprint and expanding the passenger seating area and relocation of baggage claim to a functional location and size. Both expansions would use modular construction and would allow passengers to enter the building for check-in and security before deplaning passengers have exited the terminal.



Design Cost for Option 2:                      $160,000

Design & Permitting Cost for Option 2:  $195,000


Funding for design and/or permitting would need to come the General Fund ending balance. Urban renewal plan amendments will not be complete until early 2023 and those funds will not be available for these efforts, nor can they be used to reimburse the General Fund for work performed that was outside of the urban renewal area and plan at the time the costs were incurred.






Detailed information on improvement costs, revenue and expense forecasts, funding options, and project timelines were included in the staff report provided to Council at their October 10, 2022 meeting. 


                     John Paskell  

                     Airport Manager